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About The Trust

The Jason Spencer Trust was formed after the murder of Jason Spencer

aged just 17 on the 6th March 2007 in Nottingham England.

For years his parents have fought to improve the support services offered to families

bereaved due to violent crimes, which has resulted in the opening of their

bereavement support centre in Nottingham, England in April 2013.

The Jason Spencer Trust knows first hand what it is really like to lose a loved one to such barbaric crimes. They themselves having lived & experienced the real devastation, the life changing trauma, and the chronic pain that comes with losing a loved one to such evil crimes, alongside

their knowledge of the lack of support that is out there for such families faced with this kind of trauma, That is why The Jason Spencer Trust are extremely passionate & totally dedicated in helping other victims families by giving them a life line, thus helping them to start re-building their lives again.

Their way of doing this is by creating a helpful & resourceful website.

Holding monthly self-help support groups

and being available for referrals 24/7 and providing one 2 one peer support

sessions, thus being able to offer their support and encouragement,

creating that much needed gateway of rehabilitation & hope.

The Jason Spencer Trust are a formidable force that will stop at nothing

in helping to provide that much need & vital support for families faced with extreme trauma

after the untimely & tragic death of a loved ones due to a violent crime.

They are known to be active members in the prevention of violent crime,

giving talks & mentoring where ever they can. Helping to create a better world for one & all.

They also offer One Day Work Shops which helps train professionals who work with the bereaved of violent crime, thus better equipping them with the necessary tools to carry out their work roles with better ethics.

The trust is a registered charity & relies heavily on funding and donations so they may continue the vital and invaluable work that they do.

“Show your Support by getting involved wether it be by making a donation, organising a fundraising event or just simply spreading the word, every little helps”

  © 2014 The Jason Spencer Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (No 1151755)


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