Our Government should continue its efforts to assist the unemployed and needy, so they do not become so desperate that they turn to crime. Long-term solutions will eventually make the most impact on our society's crime rate. We need to understand why certain sectors of the community have decided to commit crime. We should equip these people with the tools to help themselves, instead of giving them handouts or enrolling them on a programme that isn't working for them.

The bottom line is that we are faced with a escalating crime situation that is affecting our whole quality of life, Our communities, Our Health, Our general state of mind. More and more of us live in fear both inside and outside of our own homes. The elderly once a pillar of our society, are reduced to being fearful, introverted, and sadden by the state of our crime ridden communities.

As well as the elderly, The young also live in constant fear every day, They fear to go to school, the shops, their local park, They confine them self in the comfort of their own bedrooms! a place where they dont need to dodge bullets, a knife, or a baseball bat or just simply being robbed of their personal possessions. With that being said, The parents also live in constant fear every time their children walk out their front doors.

I could talk forever on this subject, going on about the escalating war torn streets in our communities, the violence, the deaths, Our fear etc..etc, But I believe in this case, talk is cheap! The real problem we all face is, how do we stop it! how do we start to claim back our quality of lives? how do we protect our homes? how do we protect our children? how do we look forward to a more brighter future? Unfortunately their is no simple answer, nor is their only one answer. Quite often you hear some people who like to cast blame, “ I blame the police” or “I blame the government” or “ I blame Jane who lives up the lane”

I believe that each and every one of us need to stand up and take responsibility! Let’s stop casting blame, let’s stop ignoring the situation, let's stop hoping that we escape becoming another crime statistic.

Instead Let’s pull in our ranks, let’s take action! let’s start working with the Law Enforcement's, Crime prevention organisations, and any other organisation around the world that’s committed & dedicated to reducing crime on our streets. every little bit helps!

“ Together We Can All Make A Difference” ..... Let’s start now!

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Fighting Crime

Fighting Crime

How do we fight crime? ...... The million dollar question!

One theory is we must first focus on the root of the problem. We must ask ourselves, "How does the mind of a murderer, rapist, thief or kidnapper develop?'" Perhaps this mind-set is formed from a young age. and if that is the case, We should put measures in place, such as extensive school programmes, to develop self-esteem and national pride.

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