The Jason Spencer Trust

Find out more about Jason's story  and the driving force behind the trust.

The Support Centre retreat for families bereaved due to violent crime & sudden traumatic deaths.

Useful resource with practical help, advice and supportive link’s for the bereaved.

Worried about your child? Look here for practical Help and advice for parents and their families.

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An introduction to

our charity. It’s Aims & Objectives, and Trustees.

The Jason Spencer Trust | Jason Spencer

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Welcome to The Jason Spencer Trust website

Within our site you will find lots of useful information on subjects such as Sudden & Traumatic Bereavement, Peer to Peer Support Services, General Parental Support, Our up and coming News & Events, Training Courses for professionals, Jason’s Story, Other Victims Stories, Our Retreat Centre, Ways on Fighting Crime, Volunteer Pages, Your fundraising events, making a donation and of course everything  you need to know about Us!...along with lots of useful links, Interactive Games and so much more...So wether your bereaved , wanting to help someone who is bereaved, or just here out of interest, you will find just what your looking for. The above video represents only a few of the innocent victims murdered within the Nottinghamshire district alone, throughout the whole of the UK hundreds of lives are being taken away every day by senseless acts of extreme violence, We pray that these crimes STOP!

We hope that our site proves useful to all its visitors & we welcome you to leave your comments in our guest book.