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The Jason Spencer Trust, is a charity that relies solely on donations, fundraising and applying for grants. We have no paid members and all work is done on a voluntary basis. Therefore every single penny raised goes directly to the charity to help fund the vital support work that they provide to families bereaved due to violent crime.

For those of you fortunate enough not to have experienced the life changing effects like those who have lost a loved one due to violent crime, it is somewhat hard to comprehend the enormous amount of trauma, devastation and excruciating pain which families bereaved by these evil crimes face on a day to day basis. Often the families unfortunate to have lost a loved one to murder/manslaughter are lost in red tape where by they are overlooked and do not receive the emotional and practical support that they need to help them to rebuild their lives. Or in other cases they just simply can not find the right kind of support to suit their very specific needs. On top of the sheer and intense grief these families have to live with, most families are often left feeling isolated, abandoned and extremely vulnerable. Using all our expertise's and personal experiences The Jason Spencer Trust endeavour to do all what we can to help such families in such dire need by helping to provide them with all the necessary support that they need and your money helps us provide this vital support! We can never express enough just how much EVERY single penny raised, donated or even granted makes such a MASSIVE difference in helping those families who are so desperately in need of help and support...... “Please help us so that we can help them start on that very rocky road to recovery, bringing about the much needed inner peace and solace”.

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