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Jason’s Story

Jason’s Story

Jason was truly a unique and special person, an earth angel! As a little pot bellied toddler Jason was just like any other child. He was full of energy and mischief. Armed with his dummy in one hand and his bottle in another he loved to explore his surroundings and the whole world if he was given the chance! A little Robinson Caruso is what he was. Getti
ng Jason to play with a toy was hard work, toys just simply wasn't exciting enough, He preferred large brass ornaments, or playing catch me if you can I have your car keys game! I must admit he certainly kept me in shape! Even from such an early age Jason loved playing and socialising with other little toddlers, and the grown ups never escaped play time either. With his cheeky little smile and his funny little toddle walk he would always manage to get his tiny button nose into everything!. Jason was a very affectionate child. And at the end of all his exhausting adventures he would like nothing more than to cuddle up tightly within your arms while sucking on his favourite dummy and staring blissfully into your eyes while falling sound asleep, no doubt dreaming of tomorrows adventures! As a toddler Jason always had time no matter where or when for lots of cuddles and sloppy kisses. Everyone fell in love with him; it was something that just couldn't be helped. He was a child who had a lot of love to give, caring, sharing, thoughtful and very funny!

About Jason

As a teenager Jason was still the kind, caring and thoughtful person he had always been. Always caring, always sharing and always trying his
The Jason Spencer Trust
best to help everyone. Jason had one goal in his short life and that was to make our world a better place! He often realised that although his own intentions where good, others where not so good! In turn that would sometimes get him down, and often left him feeling un fairly treated, but it didn't take him long to pick himself back up and dust himself off and try even harder. Jason felt everyone's pain and suffering, he was by nature a very sensitive person. He never had any prejudices about anyone, you could be rich or poor, big or small, black or white, it didn't matter to Jason everyone was equal and everyone deserved his friendship, love and respect. Whether you know Jason or not you could always count on him, he was such a loyal person with a lot of respect and had a lot of values. He spoke many true words of wisdom even at his young age. Jason was a teacher of good will. He brought with him so much love, peace, hope & spiritual unity into our world and in the lives of many people, and never wanted nor asked for anything in return.

Just as I have mentioned before Jason's main drive & passion in life was to make our world a better place for us all, he never could understand why anyone needed to suffer with so many helping hands to offer help. Jason's way of helping the world was to help us all become better people in this somewhat cruel and unforgiving world we live in today. The very last person Jason would think of was himself! His family, his friends, & everybody's else's well being all came first. Jason's pain was our pain, his suffering was our suffering, and his happiness was our happiness. If you were feeling down, he'll bring you up, if you were to cry, he would make you laugh, and if you were weak he'll make you strong. Jason was not a materialistic person; all what was his was yours. He had what money can not buy, a lot of LOVE.

Jason was always a happy go lucky person even though he had to take on the good the bad and the ugly of this world; he always had a smile on his face, a twinkle in his eyes and a spring in his step. He really loved his life and had so many hopes & aspirations for his future.

Jason brought out the very best in everyone and everything, no matter who you was or what the situation. Jason has helped and given so much joy & love to many people's lives, young & old alike.

We all have a lot to learn from Jason, and for the fortunate ones, who had the greatest pleasure of knowing him, can take away his wisdom, his love and his unique friendship forever. This world has lost a truly remarkable & genuine earth angel, and I have lost my only child, my beloved son. 'You live on in me now son, 2 hearts that now beats as one. I promise to make you proud, I will do my best to change what's wrong with everything I have left.'

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