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Victims Resource

In this section you will find some useful & practical advice for Bereaved Families following 'Murder or Manslaughter. Equally the information contained in this section can also help anyone who has suffered due to any kind of sudden & traumatic loss.

You will also find information on Child bereavement, A poems and Tribute section. and much more.....

Please feel free to go through each section, and if you would like further advice or information please contact us using the contact us link which is situated at the top of each page. Or by clicking on the ‘How we can help, Peer support’ link Opposite, for a more detailed support structure.

Victims Resource

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Worried about your child? Look here for practical Help and advice for parents and their families.

Useful resource with practical help, advice and supportive link’s for the bereaved.

The Support Centre retreat for families bereaved due to violent crime & sudden traumatic deaths.